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 once Upon A Time

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Eureka! We Found It!

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A tiny squiggle floated across the clear blue sky and in the blink of an eye a question popped into a curious sparkling moment...what was that they thought?! And so began a new journey...

Clear Sight has always been committed to giving back. We support nutrition research, as well as the Clear Sight + Fund, which has a goal of $1,000,000 for worthy causes. These causes include Clear Sight + Pink Initiative to benefit breast cancer awareness,

research, and prevention.


We Are The Choices We Make

At Clear Sight

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It's in the way we do what we do! Our ingredients are made from 100% sustainable agricultural practices. Our capsules are earth safe and made from naturally occurring, edible and tasteless starch polymer. Pullulan capsules have an oxygen barrier eight times stronger than that of a gelatin capsule and 300x stronger than that of HPMC capsules. Also, because they are crystal clear, the capsules have a high visual appeal.

The Clear Sight Team

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