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The Scene: Another late night working in front of the computer screen and enter stage right, a distracting floater drifts in front of your line of code. Maybe its while reading a book or you are looking into the sky on a clear day and like me, would never quite see a clear blue sky but instead curious, seeing squiggles marks between you and the great blue. Well..What I found out what surprised and delighted me! There is a way to address floaters without dangerous surgery! We can finally Say Goodbye to Distracting Cellular Debris!

and, Hello! To Clear Sight. My Name is Brian Roth Heart and I am a researcher. I became obsessed with Eye Health and have learned so much over the past year! 7 out of 10 people experience floaters,

When I learned what those were,

I was completely surprised! A solution from nature to nature!

As a photographer and cinematographer interviewed said when it matters most,

we found that looking through a clear lens means everything! It simply creates the potential for a peaceful engaging experience.

In the past expensive and dangerous surgery was required to address eye floater management and as we age floaters can accumulate as autophagy slows. I think of Autophagy as the body's endogenous or internal cleanup crew!

The natural process still can be supplemented, stimulated, and boosted with proper diet and validated knowledge of nutrition!

And, now into the Research! And, A Big Discovery! I Found in a Peer Reviewed Paper published in the Journal of Applied Sciences. This amazing discovery! can you feel the hype!?

Three closely studied enzymes can be used to safely manage eye floaters for most people!

Bromalin from Pineapple, Ficin from Figs

and Papain from Papaya are all proteolytic. This means they selectively & electrostatically disassemble specific kinds of cellular debris and even prevent floaters from forming.

This! All the while scavenging free radicals cleaning up and improving overall eye health in the long term and, with scientifically valid results Clear Sight is proven to help manage cellular debris in the vitreous of the eye within the first month.

Developed for the elderly that experience vitreous opacities the most. As we age that process can be reduced

and reversed with proper eye care. Keeping hydrated,

Keeping active and eating right!

These enzymes are safe for the general public and approved for general consumption.

Avoid the enzymes if you have a tropical or citrus allergy.

also these enzymes are thought to increase ones sensitivity to alcohol and benzodiazepines.

As a Nutraceutical we go beyond what you can get in an over the counter daily vitamin.

We provide a three months' supply in one bottle to include as a part of your Nutraceutical beauty routine in each bottle

AND IF YOU WANT TO GET EVEN SMARTER WITH us?! let's keep reading! Or if you would like to try Clear Sight Order your first bottle Now. That will last for three months to see if it works for you!

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